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Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Our company provides a written limited guarantee for all the products regarding the series of Greek handmade plated jewellery. To avoid misinterpretation, the products under warranty are accompanied by the corresponding document at delivery; in addition you can find the relevant information on our website regarding the corresponding products under their description or specifications section.

All our jewellery under the above mentioned series is gold or silver plated. Their base is bronze, copper and alloy. The gilding and the platinum is a thin layer of gold or platinum, respectively, on the base. To maintain the products for the longest possible period, they need care and attention. Under no circumstances can the color of the plating be maintained forever, but only slow down the wearing process. In order to prolong the color of jewellery, it is advisable to remove them when you use perfume, body lotions, creams and when using household cleaners, showering, swimming, spa, etc. In general, care must be taken by not getting the jewellery in contact with chemicals, as these can cause them permanent damage. Keep in mind that the color of the plating wears as time lapses depending on the friction, how often they are used and PH of the skin.

Due to the excellent quality of the Greek handmade plated jewellery, our company is able to offer a warranty of twelve (12) months from the purchase date, which concerns the plating of the products, the fasteners and the integrity of the metal parts. The warranty does not cover decorative stones, strass and beads. The warranty relates to a manufacturing failure that caused damage to the product and not damage due to misuse. The products should be treated and taken care of as described above in this text. To use the warranty, the consumer should contact us using the contact details listed on this website and deliver the product to us for inspection by our specialist partner who will decide on the compliance of the claim. If a product proves to be damaged due to its misuse, the warranty will not apply but, if repair is possible, the consumer will be able to choose the repair service at a low cost.

If a product is found to be faulty and depending on its failure under this warranty, it is subject to the following options:

  1. Free plating in the event of a color defect, or repair if another kind damaged is detected.
  2. Replace with the same product if it is still available in our online store.
  3. Replacement with a corresponding product or other of equivalent value after getting in agreement with the customer.